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Finding a Sleep Solution at Velvet

Finding a Sleep Solution at Velvet

I have been trying to get my computer to work for an hour and I’ve finally gotten in. It seems there are times when we need to let go and let the universe dictate our schedule. I called a friend Denise Clark and we enjoyed a long conversation and now I’m back to it.

So recently, my friend Donna told me about a new cannabis shop in Martinez, California. I’ve been wanting to sleep better, so I thought I would check out what gummies they had for sale. Back when I was in Portland, found Electric Lettuce and wrote about that experience in this blog. Here are all of the products that I found while walking through Velvet. Green Bee Botanicals sells massage oil, and face serums with CBD. They sold Heavy Hitters vape pens and cartridge batteries. OrangeAde by Citrus and Pine is a great hybrid to try.This is a sativa type dominant weed that leads to good mood and increased energy.
Just a few of the many CBD and THC Products sold at Velvet in Martinez California

Farmer and the Felon Cannabis Company makes SpyRock Sour, Runtz Cake, Cherry AK, Gelatti (an Indica Hybrid Strain), Smoking Sundae Driver, Blue Dream and more. Space Gem makes gummies and edibles that are infused with cannabis. Wunder is a drink made with THC and CBD. The flavors are grapefruit hibiscus, blood orange bitters, lemon ginger flavored sparkling beverage and they claim they are half the calories of beer or wine.

Ember Valley makes weed called zombie cookies, wedding pie, watermelon gelato, now and laters, northern fire, MAC, orange peels, riff OG, ice cream cake and more. Pure Beauty makes weed called Harlequin X GDP, Purple Rain, Terry T, Hybrid Babies, Lobo Loco, Zelda OG, Lemon Haze Flower Cigarettes, Labyrinth, Double Dragon, Secret Friend and many more varieties to choose from. 

Jetty Extracts are also sold at Velvet. These are unrefined live resins found in natural plant compounds. The flavors are Pina Colada, Sour Berry, Lemon Sour Diesel, Gelato, Vanilla Frosting, Peanut Butter Breath, and a  Pineapple Upside Down Cake flavor. You can purchase Wedding Crasher or Blueberry Muffin which are Live Sugar Concentrates. There is a Lemon Grass resin cartridge sold with oil dablicators. Am I getting this right? I think I need a class in cannabis products.
Plenty of hydrating CBD and THC Drinks sold at Velvet in Martinez California

There were many cannabis drinks to choose from also. I spotted Keef a cannabis infused lemonade or fruit punch, or you could buy Bubba Kush Root Beer, Original Cola, Orange Kush, or Pineapple which is 100 mg of THC. The Fizz is a strawberry cannabis infused sparkling water with 10 mg of THC, a brand called “Take Me to The Beach”, “Hold Me While You Dance”, and a ginger lemongrass drink. Another one was called Hi-Fi Hops made by Lagunitas which have blasts of THC, CBD or both. And you can buy them by the case!

A few last items I came across were Petra Cannabis Mints that came in flavors of Moroccan Mint, Tart Cherry, Citrus CBD, Saigon Cinnamon, Pineapple and Blackberry CBD Mints.These are sold as a way to microdose all day and are sugar free. Kiva Lost Farm makes blueberry chews and gummies in strawberry lemonade, and raspberry gummies. They also have a juicy peach and sour apple hybrid strain that help with stress, energy, creativity and mood. It is a women owned business which is always nice to hear. Kiva confections also makes Camino a cannabis infused gummy. These are available at Velvet in wild cherry, watermelon lemonade, wild berry, sparkling pear, and pineapple habanero flavors. Some are designed to uplift your spirit or make you chill and relax to help you sleep. Now that’s what I was looking for. 

All of the employees were happy to assist me and answer any questions that I had. It was a fun place to check out after picking up soil at MacCalvey’s for my Fall vegetable garden. In the end I picked up a few new goodies to try. Hoping they help me fall asleep and stay asleep.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure into Cannabis land in Martinez at Velvet. I’m looking forward to hearing about your cannabis journeys in the comments.


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