Pray For the World and Raise Money to Help

13 Sep

Praying for the families in Florida surviving Irma, Tsunamis in Houston  and Port Arthur Texas caused from Hurricane Harvey that have had devastating disasters this past couple of weeks. Oil Refineries have been shut down bringing gas prices up higher than usual.These weather patterns have flooded entire communities, wiped out electricity and taken away clean drinking water.

pic of sherri Dean


My friend Sherri who lives in Tampa Florida was hit last night with 100 mile winds and luckily only a category 1 hurricane. She had a good attitude about it all and took advantage of the storm by playing Scrabble under candle light with her son Danny. My aunt, who has survived breast cancer twice and I will be visiting Sherri in October and going to Disney World, a trip we have had planned since last month. Neither of us have been there before, so we are looking forward to spending time together and having some well deserved girl time. Sherri and I bonded while walking in Avon’s very first 3 Day Walk back in 1999. We each raised $1700 and walked 60 miles, 20 miles a day (Sherri walked for her mother, me for my aunt) from Santa Barbara to the beautiful beaches of Malibu. It was the greatest experience ever motivating me to go back to college and get my bachelors degree. Sherri was inspired to leave a toxic relationship and move back to her family in Florida. And our friend Heidi also trained with us for months and walked with us that weekend raising money for her grandmother, also a breast cancer survivor. It was a good feeling “giving back” and donating dollars to breast cancer prevention.


In Bay Area news, San Francisco had record breaking sweltering heat last weekend of over 106 degrees hospitalizing 38 people with heat related illnesses. In Walnut Creek last night we experienced over 100 strikes of thunder and lightening causing fires and scaring animals and little ones . People who live in California, know that these thunder and lightening storms are rare and very unusual for the Bay Area in September.

fire pic

Praying for the people affected by the wildfires that are many and extensive up and down California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Washington. The flames and smoke are causing road closures, precious trees and beautiful landscape are burning and properties are being affected taking the lives of many.  Thank goodness for the brave firemen, workers and volunteers who work tirelessly to put the fires out.

wild fire pic as of Sept 4


Even Mexico City had it’s turn with natural disasters experiencing an 8.0 catastrophic earthquake off the coast of Oaxaca losing at least 60 lives. What the heck???

Cartoon of Trump and Kim jun yun


And what’s with North Korea sending nuclear hydrogen bombs to Japan? What is the world coming to? Just waiting for Trump to react to Kim Jon-Un’s shenanigans. The US Japan China have agreed to back sanctions to keep peace. This is the latest response from North Korea.


With the world in such chaos, people are trying meditation classes, yoga and staying away from the news. It’s not that easy. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a bubble, so far away from all these catastrophes. Yet I want to help. Tonight there will be a telethon called Hand in Hand  to raise money for victims of Hurricane Irma and Harvey. Stars George Clooney, Beyonce, Tim McGraw, Ellen Degeneres, and many more will be entertaining us. “Hand in Hand” will be broadcast live tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, BRAVO, CBS, CMT, E!, FOX, HBO, MTV, MTV2, MTV LIVE, MTV CLASSIC, NBC and OXYGEN. It will re-air at the same time on the West Coast.


I will watch tonight and donate to help those of us that have had these unfortunate circumstances. I’m happy to help and hope to have more uplifting stories and recipes for you in the future.


I pray that people like my friend Sherri and her family in Florida and people all over the world will get the help they need to overcome these crazy maddening times. Donate what you can. Every bit helps.

Follow me and leave me a comment or two. What are your thoughts about what is happening in our world? Would love to hear.

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