“Naughty” Cream in a Doughnut? Only at Doughnut Dolly’s in Oakland California

17 Aug

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A few weeks ago, my niece Beverly introduced me to a new doughnut place in Oakland called #Doughnut Dolly. She had her parents from Los Angeles in town and wanted to spoil them, her kids Daphne (5) and Zander (3) and me by taking us there for a special treat. I was thrilled to be spending the day with them.

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I’m always up for a field trip especially when it involves a decadent doughnut. This place is great. It is bright, modern and upbeat, just the kind of place you want to spend your Sunday morning.

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These doughnuts are not like any other doughnut that I have tasted. They have a variety of flavors and they can change from week to week. This time we could choose from their traditional filling called “Naughty Cream”, or a Mystery Jam (today’s was a mixed berry), or a Bourbon Cream, or a Dark Chocolate variety. You can’t go wrong with any of the above. You could also chose to have a sugar coating, a glazed coating, a chocolate frosting, or a lemon and pistachio glaze on your doughnut. OMG. These flavors are to die for! I thought I was in Heaven.

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The kids were jumping for joy gazing up to the counter while their mom was carefully choosing her dozen doughnuts.It’s a lot of pressure deciding which combination to order, especially knowing their are people waiting in line behind you. I of course had to buy a few to bring home to my husband and son who devoured them the moment I walked in the door.

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This place is a “must see” in Oakland. Foodies beware. You might just have to go back again and again.

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