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“Naughty” Cream in a Doughnut? Only at Doughnut Dolly’s in Oakland California

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A few weeks ago, my niece Beverly introduced me to a new doughnut place in Oakland called #Doughnut Dolly. She had her parents from Los Angeles in town and wanted to spoil them, her kids Daphne (5) and Zander (3) and me by taking us there for a special treat. I was thrilled to be spending the day with them.

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I’m always up for a field trip especially when it involves a decadent doughnut. This place is great. It is bright, modern and upbeat, just the kind of place you want to spend your Sunday morning.

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These doughnuts are not like any other doughnut that I have tasted. They have a variety of flavors and they can change from week to week. This time we could choose from their traditional filling called “Naughty Cream”, or a Mystery Jam (today’s was a mixed berry), or a Bourbon Cream, or a Dark Chocolate variety. You can’t go wrong with any of the above. You could also chose to have a sugar coating, a glazed coating, a chocolate frosting, or a lemon and pistachio glaze on your doughnut. OMG. These flavors are to die for! I thought I was in Heaven.

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The kids were jumping for joy gazing up to the counter while their mom was carefully choosing her dozen doughnuts.It’s a lot of pressure deciding which combination to order, especially knowing their are people waiting in line behind you. I of course had to buy a few to bring home to my husband and son who devoured them the moment I walked in the door.

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This place is a “must see” in Oakland. Foodies beware. You might just have to go back again and again.

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Who Likes to Eat Pumpkin Bread In The Summertime?

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  Last month my family and I took a trip to Lake Tahoe Nevada to celebrate the 4th of July. My older sister’s girlfriend Lori bought a home near there in Truckee recently and invited my family up for a get away weekend. It was a generous offer and nearly all of us jumped at the chance to get out of town for a few days. My husband and one of my boys drove up with me not knowing that we were going to drive up the mountain in a huge thunderstorm. We saw incredible lightening piercing through the sky which is not something people from the Bay Area see very often.

Luckily we made it safely, just in time for a BBQ chicken dinner that my sister Susan had prepared for us before the storm. My younger sister Julie and her family were already settled in since they had driven up earlier in the day missing most of the commute traffic.

This vacation was filled with day hikes and bike rides where we enjoyed each other’s company outside while the weather allowed. Back at the cabin, we played with puzzles, read, watched the Women’s World Cup soccer final, and ate delicious meals.

We brought an enormous amount of food with us since I’m always afraid I’m going to go hungry. I must have post trauma stress disorder from my childhood because I constantly bring way too many groceries. I shopped for days before the trip planning three dinners for everyone and my husband Ken loaded it all up into our oversized Ford 500 trunk and then quickly unloaded it out into Lori’s perfect size kitchen.

One of the canned goods that I brought up with us was canned pumpkin. I love to have warm straight from the oven breads and desserts when out of town. You can imagine how excited everyone was to come home from the fireworks display and have a warm loaf of pumpkin bread waiting for them. It is the perfect offering when you are entertaining family and friends.

I hope you will try this recipe as well and treat your loved ones to this mouth watering treat.

Pumpkin Bread 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1 C brown sugar, packed

½ C granulated sugar

1 C cooked pumpkin ( I used canned)

½ C Canola Oil

2 eggs

¼ C Almond Milk (or whatever milk you have)

2 C flour

1 t baking soda

½ t Kosher salt

1 t cinnamon

1 t ginger

½ t ground cloves

Combine sugars, pumpkin, oil and eggs. Beat well. Sift dry ingredients; add to pumpkin/egg mixture. Add milk. Mix well. Pour into a loaf pan lined w parchment paper.

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until tooth pick comes out clean.

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